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Commercial Heating

Commercial Heating

Dawe’s Mechanical is a supplier of HVAC systems in Central Newfoundland. Our trained staff and excellent supplier relationships provide our clients with the best brand names in the industry.

Proper heating, ventilation, and air conditioning of commercial buildings are vital to the comfort of staff and clients. Keeping it properly maintained will ensure you not only get the best performance, but a longer life as well. Ensuring high-quality heating and cooling services to a commercial area can be a big responsibility. The larger your commercial space, the larger the number of people you are dedicated to serving. At Dawe’s Mechanical, we have certified technicians to provide commercial HVAC services to the business community of Central Newfoundland and surrounding areas.

We provide services to all types of commercial businesses, including hotel chains, restaurants, hospitals, educational and government facilities. We are passionate about solving any HVAC issues a commercial area may face, and we are ready to serve you.

Types Of Heating Services


Dawe’s Mechanical’s certified specialists will provide full boiler maintenance and repair, in keeping with the latest boiler codes and regulations. Our Service technicians can be reached 24 hours a day in an emergency and will complete any repairs necessary.

Air Conditioning Units

For over 40 years, Dawe’s Mechanical has been providing service and maintenance to the businesses of Central Newfoundland. Our certified technicians are qualified and trained in all types of commercial air conditioning and HVAC units.


Forced air furnaces run more efficiently with regular maintenance. Dawe’s Mechanical provides top quality service from certified technicians.

We service all your heating needs! If you require a new heating system, upgrading your current system, service maintenance or emergency service, you can count on Dawe’s Mechanical to provide great service at competitive rates!


If you require help purchasing a better air quality system, speak with one of our representatives, and they will provide you with information on our services.

Our HVAC technicians can deliver a clean and healthy ventilation solution for your business. Our ventilation services will improve your air quality, making the air you breath healthier.

Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts are one of the most important systems in your business. The air you breathe is carried through the duct work. If your ducts are poorly maintained, they are likely contributing to unhealthy air and higher energy bills. Many people are unaware that this problem exists. Dawe’s Mechanical can provide a duct inspection as well as any maintenance required on your duct system.

The best way to enhance and improve the quality of indoor air quality in your business is with air duct cleaning. Call today, Dawe’s Mechanical’s qualified service technicians will help you.